There are so many different vibrators on the market it can be a little overwhelming when choosing one for yourself or your partner.

My job is to make that decision a little easier!

Vibrators are a great addition to a healthy sex life because they create a constant stimulation to the genitals. This vibration can be subtle or very intense depending on your personal preference.  

The rechargeable ones usually have the nice deep rumbley vibration, which is the one most people prefer. The battery operated ones are inexpensive but don’t have the power. It is up to you and you pocketbook as to which is right for you. Note: Most people own more than one depending on their mood.

The different types of Vibrators.

Starting small, these are finger vibes which are smaller toys intended to be attached to the fingers to enhance digital stimulation (fingering or hand jobs).  These are a great intro to vibrators to see if you enjoy the sensation or to enhance foreplay.

Most of the stimulation should be focused on the clitoris but everybody is different.  Listen to your partner and your body.

If you find that you do like vibrations on your genitalia, it is always recommended to have a nice bullet vibe in your toy bag.  These are smaller in size (about the size of your finger) and are intended for external/clitoral use only. These are great toys to use during intercourse because they can be slipped in between bodies without impeding access.  Or if you prefer you can try these couple's toys. This one can be controlled by an app from anywhere in the world.

Another great external toy is the wand.  These are larger in size which make holding them in place a little easier. You may find that wands make positioning a little more difficult, but they are great for masturbation and have a lot of power.

These clitoral vibes are a larger in size than a bullet to stimulate more surface area and may even be remote controlled.

Classic vibrators are designed for internal stimulation by themselves. They are intended to replicate the feeling of Penis in Vagina sex. If you're looking for something more realistic looking, these may be the vibes for you.

These can come in various sizes and styles and materials.

When choosing a toy, material is important especially when you are inserting it in your body.  The safest materials are silicone, glass, or metal.  The jelly style toys are not recommended because the chemicals may leach into the body, but are made safe if covered with a condom.  Read more about sex toy materials here.

If you are looking to experience a G-Spot orgasm, these insertable toys are great for g-spot stimulation.

If you want a combination of external clitoral stimulation as well as an insert-able toy, a rabbit style vibe may be just what you are looking for. They include a shaft which is inserted and a shorter piece that is positioned to stimulate the clitoris.. There are various sizes, shapes, and styles available including ones that rotate, thrust, and make the “come hither” motion.  You can start off with something simple like this or a toy that does so much more. The only question is how adventurous do you feel?

Once you have all the products you need to get started you will most likely need a place to store all of these fun toys, you can find storage cases here. Don’t forget your batteries, toy cleaners, and lubes, no toy bag is complete without them.

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