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As an owner of an adult boutique, people ask me questions. A lot of questions. Many of them you could probably imagine. Some of them you probably couldn't. One of the reasons why I started this boutique was to create a place that would inspire confidence and creativity through providing factual information about relationships, sex, and eroticism. While I have a very eclectic customer base from all walks of life, many of my customers came from repressed upbringings where sex was never discussed, or were told straight up lies about what sex is. Education is key in overcoming these types of situations, so it is with that in mind, I have produced a series of videos to address this, and some of the most common issues I have been asked about.

Whatever your reasons may be, I hope that you enjoy these videos and can take something away from them. Understanding sex and sex education is my passion, and is why I did these videos. If you'd like discuss these topics further, I am available for private consultation.


Angie Weller

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