Communication is the key to healthy relationship and a happy sex life

Do you find it difficult to discuss your needs and desires with your partner?  Is there something you would like to try but you are afraid your partner might be offended by if you brought it up?


Is there an activity you’re partner has asked of you but you aren’t sure what it means or whether you will like it?  


Perhaps, there is some activity you have been doing that makes you uncomfortable but you know your partner likes it and you don’t want to hurt their feelings or deny them pleasure?

You are not alone. Sex can be a very delicate subject even between long term partners.  


Research has shown that most sexual “problems” can be cured with some basic information on what is “normal” behavior.  Education is key!  We offer great books on just about every subject or you can learn more about what is “normal” from websites like… and ….


If you already know what you want and are just too afraid to say it out loud to your partner, there are great resources on the web that will help you “plant the seed”... will help you find what interests you and your partner have in common without divulging all of your fantasies at one.  You and your partner both mark the activities you are interested in and the website will let you know which ones you have in common.  I bet you will learn a few sexy things about your partner this way. .

Additionally, you can both answer this checklist from to find out how the both of you feel about certain activities.  This will help to prevent triggers that haven’t been discussed yet and help you explore some fun new things together.


If none of these suit your needs and you just need someone to talk to and guide you, I offer private one on one counseling. Contact me here.