Know your Lubricants

How to choose the right lube


Water Based works great on all toys and with most condoms. It will dry out as it is absorbed into the body, but a little bit of water gets everything slippery again.  Keep a spray bottle next to the bed for convenience.

Silicone Lube is preferred by many people because it lasts much longer than your standard water-based lube since it isn't absorbed into the body. There are downfalls with silicone lubricants; toys that are made of silicone or the softer jelly like material may cause a chemical reaction which will destroy the toy by turning it into a sticky ruined mess.  Check the materials of your favorite toy before using it with a silicone lube. You can find out more about silicone lubes here.

A water/Silicone Hybrid Lube is a great combination of the two. They have a longer lasting effect but will wash off with water and will not damage a condom.

Oil Based Lube is great for masturbation  but should not be used for anal sex. There are many bacteria in the anal canal that will flourish if encased within an oil based lube.

We don’t suggest using a desensitizer because you may experience micro tears which you will not be aware of with a numbing agent. Your body is letting you know there is a problem, you should listen to it.  If you still insist, you can find them here.

Once you know what kind you are looking for it becomes a matter of personal preference. Do you have allergies or sensitivities to certain products? Are you looking for vegan or flavored? You can always give us a call or stop into the store if you would like suggestions or to feel the options for yourself.