Hey Ladies, do you want to get your "groove" back?

Did you just get out of an abusive relationship? 

Did you finally get that divorce you have been wanting for a while? 

Have you recently become widowed?

Have you decide it was time to focus on YOU for a change? 

Are you ready to explore your sexuality and get back out there again? 

You are not alone! 

Many women put their own personal needs on hold to focus on your partner and family. On top of that, many men don't really know how to please a woman, especially if she doesn't know how to do it herself.  This result is a boring and unfulfilled sex life for everyone involved.

Good news ladies! It doesn't have to be this way.

In fact, you have the potential for twice the pleasure as men for multiples as times.  This pleasure can be yours.  You have so many things going for you right now that you have no idea the kind of adventures that await you.

So, where to begin?  Lets start off by explaining why this is the perfect time for you to start embracing your sexuality, no matter your age. 

Not only have studies shown that women have their sexual peak later in life, there are actual physical changes that make it more enjoyable.  As (cis) women age the clitoris actually expands causing more stimulation during intercourse.  Lucky You!

Additionally, because you have done the whole marriage/relationship thing, that isn't the focus of every date. If you are looking for just sex, you can focus on your pleasure aspect of it, freeing your mind from background chatter.  You also are less afraid to ask for what you want, not being afraid of "hurting his feelings"  This confidence is actually very sexy, especially to younger men who are going through their sexual peak.  Don't be afraid to expand your age range a little. As long as they are adults, it's okay.

What about the toys?  I always suggest a good vibe (or several). Don't forget the lube, it is a ladies best friend.  There are also ways to deal with pain, if that makes sexual activity more difficult.  There is nothing like a good erotic book to snuggle up with while you try out your new toy.  Don't forgot to get yourself something sexy to wear on your "date" to help bring out the sex goddess in you.   If you are a little insecure about your body, I would recommend a free flowing baby-doll or a sexy robe. If you don't have as many reservations, don't be afraid to try something a little more bad girl. It's okay, you can get away with it, so long as you allow yourself!

Relationship and sex counseling/coaching is available for those looking to explore themselves and awaken the sexual goddess within.