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Let's talk about sex, ladies.

Let’s talk about sex, ladies


Throughout history women have banded together for protection.  We had realized that strength came in numbers and have formed women’s counsel or groups in order to have a voice in society.  Over time, those groups were feared, mocked and disbanded and women were relegated to their individual homes where their power was limited.  This had many consequences on the woman and her household.  Not only did she no longer have the strength of her “sisters” but she lost their wisdom too.  There were no more coming of age rituals, no more late night discussions of wedding nights and no more female bonding ceremonies. No longer did women spend hours discussing the perfect way to bake a pie, please their husband, or kick his ass if he needed it.  So much wisdom has been lost over time and I want us to reclaim it.

My goal is to start a monthly get together for women to talk about all things life, relationship, and sex.  Do you want to know what is “normal” and what you should be concerned about in your own relationship? Do you want a place to vent about the shitty dates you have had but want some serious advice on how to avoid them in the future?  Have you been abused and need to share? Do you want to ask the questions you never could before? Do you want to do all of those things within a safe, comfortable, educational space?  Then this is the group for you.

 Let’s bring back that female camaraderie, that strength that comes from a large group of women working together.  Let’s bring together women of all faiths, cultures, and ages (over 18) to share and explore our differences but more importantly our similarities. Sometimes you just need another woman to understand you and to help you understand yourself.  Come share your stories, your laughter and your tears. 


If you identify as a woman, you are welcome in the group.

Class is Free (donations are appreciated) and open to everyone 18+ Seating is limited to 20 so contact us to reserve your spot

Note: Men who would like to create a group of their own are more than welcome to use Expressions for your meeting. If you are interested in attending a men’s discussion group led by me, contact me to make arrangements.