Healthy Relationships 101

Are you sick of dating, have you had your heart broken time and time again? Are you ready to settle down but can't seem to find a decent partner? We understand your pain.  We also understand why you might be making these same mistakes over and over again. 

In this class, I will help you take a look at what you might be doing to attract the wrong kind of person and scare all of the good ones off. I will also help you to spot this behavior and how to correct it in the future.  I will also help you figure out why you have these destructive behaviors in the first place. Nothing will be solved in one class but having some insight and a nice kick in the ass never hurt.

I firmly believe that you need to learn to be a good partner if you want to have a good partner.  You have to be worthy of their love and devotion.

This class is not just for singles, relationships need to be maintained.  Getting a partner is easy but being the kind of person they want to stay with takes real effort. Learn some tips to make it a little easier.

Class is Free (donations are appreciated) and open to everyone 18+ Seating is limited to 20 so contact us to reserve your spot