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The Science of Seduction

Do you dance for a living?

Would you like to make more $$$?

Are you one of those girls that just show up and expects customers to throw money at them?   OR, do you take your job seriously and know that you have to put effort in to make the good money? It’s time to step up your game isn't it?

Expressions an Adult Boutique can help.

Based on the latest research, you will learn what makes something sexy in the first place and how to exploit that.

  You will learn how to dress, talk, and act your absolute sexiest. Each girl will learn what their best feature(s) is(are) and how to use it to make the customers give up the cash. You know you have always wanted an honest opinion.

  We understand this job is about more than looking sexy, we know the majority of it is about acting out a fantasy. Flirting and chatting are mandatory, but do you know how to handle all the different types of customers that you have?  Do you "get" the older guys, but aren't sure how to deal with the college guys or the couples?  Perhaps it is the other way around. Do you know the best way to flirt with an alpha male?  How about his friends?  or his girlfriend?

We do, and we will teach you how to get them eating out of your hands. (and emptying their wallets)  Learn how to spot the different types of customers and what they want from you as an entertainer (not just sex).

You will also get to practice these techniques so that you are confident with your approach. My job is to make you good at your job.

$50 for a 2 hour class (you WILL make this back in tips)

Individual lessons available for those interested in learning more

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