Are you bored with your sex life?

 Do you want to spice things up but not sure where to start?


Did you know the largest and most important sex organ is the brain?

That is why I recommend expanding your knowledge, first and foremost.  You can browse the assortment of Books and Movies for ideas on how to begin your next sexual adventure.  These can include new positions, bondage, butt stuff, and so much more.

Games are always a fun choice to get things going too. They give you an excuse to try new things you were too afraid to say out loud. You can choose from dice, cards or board games, but with a twist.

Sexy outfits are always a fun way to add a new dimension to your relationship.  You can be the teacher and they can be the naughty student, or you can be the sexy nurse and dote over your partner when they are sick.  The possibilities are endless...

A sexy massage is great way to relax and get intimate with your partner.  There are scented massage oils that that soften the skin but also fill the room with a sexy aroma.  If you want to add some oral action to your massage, these flavored lotions will do the trick. (Spend the money on the good ones, they taste so much better)  Wands also make a great addition to an erotic massage by relaxing the muscles and exciting the intimate areas.

Perhaps you have more of a kinky side and have imagined getting tied up or giving your lover a sexy paddling?  You should check out our BDSM selection. You can choose blindfolds, whips, handcuffs, wartenburg wheels and many more kinky things to bring your sex life to the next level.

Toys are always a great addition to any healthy sex life.  There are vibrators in many varieties, dildos, masturbators, butt toys, and much more... will help you find what interests you and your partner have in common without divulging all of your fantasies at one.  You and your partner both mark the activities you are interested in and the website will let you know which ones you have in common.  I bet you will learn a few sexy things about your partner this way. .

Additionally, you can both answer this checklist to find out how the both of you feel about certain activities.  This will help to prevent triggers that haven’t been discussed yet and help you explore some fun new things together.

Don’t forget to come back to Expressions to buy all the fun things you need for your newest sexual adventure.