So you wanna try butt stuff?

Not sure where to start or what everything is for?

This handy guide should help you on your backdoor journey

Educate yourself first and foremost. We have great books or educational movies to help you prepare mentally for your anal adventures.

Let's start with lubes.  One can never have enough lube when it comes to butt sex.  There are many different brands and varieties, it can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s begin with the different types of lube. Or send to lin

Clean up is very important. Here is a great infographic on how to prepare yourself for anal sex.

You can find cleaning products here, including skin lighteners if you want to offer a clean bright view to your partner or the camera.

Don't forget to clean up afterwards. Each toy should come with instructions for proper cleaning, but you can find toy cleaners here.


Before we even get into the toys, let's discuss ways to prepare your body so that you are not only relaxed but actually excited for the new adventure you are about to embark on.  I always recommend lots of foreplay, get yourself as turned on as possible. If you are capable of multiple orgasms, I recommend you get off at least one.  This way you are as relaxed/turned on as possible and will hopefully want it as much as your partner does.


Now onto the toys;  how to use them and what do they do?


 Anal Beads can be used by themselves as a way to prepare for anal sex by relaxing the rectum and getting it used to the feeling of fullness. Or they can be used to enhance your orgasms.

You can find out more about anal beads here.


Butt plugs are another great way to prepare the bum for anal sex.  They also feel great by themselves.  Start with a smaller one and gradually working your way up to the larger sizes.  There are many sizes and shapes to choose from.  If you aren't sure of the size, there are kits available with graduated sizes. You may find that you want an end that is more tapered so that insertion is easier or you like the feel of a bulbous end. Every body is different so make sure to pay attention to what yours tells you.

Make sure anything that you put up the butt has a wide flared base to prevent the toy from going all the way in.  If you ignore this, you will be taking an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.


 You've found that you love the plugs and are interested in better ones

You can get a vibrating plug that adds an extra layer of pleasure.  If you want to try some temperature play, I suggest a nice glass plug or a much heavier metal plug.  Don’t worry, they are made out of borosilicate glass and won’t break during normal use.  Please don't hit it with a hammer just to prove me wrong ;)

If you would like to add a nice visual element to your anal pleasure you can also get yourself or your partner a fancy jeweled plug or a pretty tail.

The possibilities are endless.  Browse the entire selection to continue on your anal adventure.

If you have a prostate you are in luck, anal play is so much more pleasurable for you because of it.  You can find out more here and you can shop our prostate toy selection.

Once you have all the products you need to get started you will most likely need a place to store all of these fun toys, you can find storage cases here. Don’t forget your batteries, toy cleaners, and lubes, no toy bag is complete without them.

Please contact us for product availability, with any questions you may have, or if you are interested in private one-on-one relationship coaching.